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Zen → Schemata

1. Overview of important Ch’an/Zen Lineages

This Schema presents an overview of important Ch’an/Zen Lineages in China and Japan throughout history, starting with Śākyamuni Buddha and ending with Hakuin Ekaku. The focus lies on masters that are important for the Japanese branches of Cáodòng zōng / Ts’ao-tung-tsung (Sōtō-shū) and Línjì zōng / Lin-chi-tsung (Rinzai-shū).

pdf | odg | 31.12.2021

2. Zen sects and persons especially relevant for non-Japanese (esp. German) Zen

This Schema provides, on the one hand, a very brief overview of the two main Zen sects in Japan with their main temples and, on the other hand, and overview of Zen lineages and influences which are important for non-Japanese (especially German) Zen. Additional one can find some persons who are important for translating and commenting the works of 13th century Zen master Eihei Dōgen, the founder of the Sōtō sect of Japanese Zen.

pdf | odg | 21.07.2022

3. Method towards the hishiryō mindset (according to Deshimaru Taisen)

This Schema depicts the methodology of Zazen’s (shikantaza) hishiryō mind set according to Deshimaru Taisen. Here the two methods of observation of the mind and concentration are essential and ultimately lead to a state of »real samadhi« (jo-e) which Deshimaru describes as the harmonic combination of samadhi (jo) and the holistic wisdom (e) of ultimate (emptiness) and musō (formlessness).

pdf | odg | 27.07.2021